Stockholm Culture Awards


Föreningen Stockholms Kultur 2013.03.16


His Highness Prince Salman al Saud Honorable former Minister of Defence, Vice Speaker and Governor and Chairman of the Finnish Swedish Culture Foundation, Mr Anders Björck Honored members of the Advisory Board Honored Members Dear Guests With delight I can see that so many has gathered to support classical culture and knowledge. Stockholm Culture Awards aims to promote skilled persons in classical art, classical music, classical architecture and the knowledge of knowledge. Those who master their instrument or voice or design or thoughts we help and promote. When the world is moving faster and faster it is important to have a long-term view of life. Our awards winners have a long-term view, something that is not appreciated by today's society Our award-winners are visionary because the master the classical skills. They view long-term. We think long-term.


Very welcome! I hope you will enjoy the evening


Rikard Högberg Chairman, Stockholm Culture Awards